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Cave Surveys & Data

Fairy Cave Quarry

*Full Survey Archive
*3D model (view as jpg)

Ham Hole

*Ham Hole (view as png)

Hobnail Hole/Thrupe Lane Swallet

*Hobnail Hole & (part of) Thrupe Lane Swallet (view as png)

Home Close Hole/Wigmore Swallet

*Home Close Hole & Wigmore Swallet (in progress) (view as jpg)

Linley Cavern Limestone Mine

*Linley Caverns line survey (finished survey)

Ogof Capel

*Ogof Capel centreline data (finished survey)

Ores Close

*Ores Close Folly Mine (OUCC survey data)
*TJ's Swallet
*surface terrain (1 km square ST5649)
the above can be combined using this file which will produce an overall 3D model (view as jpg)

Pwll-y-Cwm & Elm Hole

*Pwll-y-Cwm line survey + SONAR LRUD data (view as mp4 animation)

Streatham Court Swallet

Streatham Court Swallet

Wookey Hole Caves

*Wookey Hole & Hallowe'en Rift raw data archive (in progress)
*3D model

*these files require SURVEX & the latest version (available from the website) is recommended as these data support passage wall modelling & anonymous survey stations


MTTA software
TAplot (source code [requires BBCBASIC(86)] and only runs on Window XP or below until you use Dosbox)


MPA104 Mechanical Design - Engineering Statics
MPA104 Tutorial Sheet 1 resolution of forces
MPA104 Tutorial Sheet 2 equilibrants and resultants of forces
MPA104 Tutorial Sheet 3 moments, reactions and centre of gravity

Thermal Analysis - Thermogravimetry
Thermal Analysis - Thermomechanical Analysis
Thermal Analysis - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
Thermal Analysis - Dielectric Thermal Analysis

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