Seeley, Andrew J.; Price, Duncan M.; Purge gas feeding means, abatement systems and methods of modifying abatement systems. GB Patent Application 2,561,190 April 4 (2017)

A purge gas feeding means (Fig 2a) which provides a boundary layer to protect surfaces within an abatement system 100, has a plurality of paths running from an outer perimeter of the purge gas feeding means to an inner surface (Fig 2a) and the inner surface has a purge gas outlet for outputting the purge gas into the abatement system. The gas feeding means, which may be in the form of a hollow disk or plate, has a cross sectional area such that the plurality of paths increases from the outer perimeter to the inner surface such that the pressure of the purge gas falls as it flows along the paths towards the outlet. The purge gas feeding means can be positioned between a radiant burner chamber 200 and a liquid scrubbing chamber 300, and in place of a ceramic gasket 290, and within the liquid scrubbing chamber, a weir provides for a liquid to interact with the liquid scrubbing chamber wall surfaces, and the purge gas interacts with an intermediate surface 375 between the purge gas feed outlet and the liquid inlet of the liquid scrubbing chamber.

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