The D5™ version C(ompact)

Vobster Quarry (xx.x kB) Photo: M. Stewart


This page provides contruction details of the "Mark 3" version of the D5™ sidemount rebreather.


* Mouthpiece
* Counterlung
* Scrubber
* Gas Feed
* Assembly


mouthpiece (120 kB)

Shown here is the mouthpiece made by Forest Wilson as a copy of the original Fred Badier version. It is largely made out of PVC pipe. The hoses attach to the chassis of the rebreather via a 22 mm adapters which screw into the PolyPlumb connectors.


counterlung (162 kB)

The counterlung is a simple 4 l Ortlieb water bag with two P-ports for oxygen meters.

counterlung (138 kB)

This sits inside a rigid case with clips to hold the inlet and outlet pipes to the scubber/counterlung.


D5 scrubber empty(157 kB)

View down into the empty scrubber - a scrim covers the perforated distribution plate.

D5 scrubber filling(69 kB)

The scrubber is filled from the base with the cap of the sodalime container acting as a convenient cover for the dip tube to prevent it filling with sorbant.

D5 scrubber full (164 kB)

View of filled scubber with green scrim covering sorbant bed and springloaded perforated distribution plate held on by pin through collar over the dip tube.

Gas Feed

feed (59 kB)

The gas feed is a simple metering valve plus bypass for the oxygen and a manual diluent addition. Braided hose carries the gas to a 22 mm plug which sits in a T-piece on the inlet side of the scubber. This ensures that mixing of gases occurs in the stack before reaching the mouthpiece.


without counterlung (96 kB)

This shows the general arrangement of the inlet (T-piece with flexible hose) and outlet (T-piece with collar to attach to counterlung and rigid upstand) to the scubber.

without mouthpiece (159 kB)

The chassis of the assembled rebreather with the attached gas feed and scubber enclosed in the counterlung case. The open ports may be capped for transport. The port with the counterlung shows the spiral wrap used as an anti-collapse feature in the counterlung.

complete unit (321 kB)

All assembled without ppO2 meters, off-board diluent and O2 supplies.

Last updated 14 March 2012 by Duncan Priceback